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Directory: Xbox Titles

Agent Under Fire:

Airforce Delta:


  • AquaNox - Official site. Contains game information, downloads, press releases, a FAQ, and screen shots. 
Artic Thunder:


  • Metro3D: Armada 2 - Developer's site, with description of game, screen shots, and forum.
Azurik: Batman Vengeance: Battlefield 1942:
  • Battlefield 1942 - Contains news, reviews, artwork, game play information, features, and downloads.
  • Bloodwake - Official site. Features boats, screen shots, story, links and news.


Cel Damage:
  • Cel Damage - Official site. Contains information and downloads.

Circus Maximus:

Dead or Alive:

Dead to Rights:

Fuzion Frenzy:

Genma Onimusha:
  • Genma Onimusha - Cheats, hints, walkthroughs, GameShark Codes and screen shots. Includes a preview of Onimusha 2 with screenshots.
  • Genma Onimusha for XBox - Capcom's official site providing game information and additional features.
Grand Theft Auto: Gunvalkyrie:
  • Gunvalkyrie - Smilebit's official site. Includes screen shots and game information.
  • HALO - Official site. Contains description and screenshots.
  • Halo Center - News, game information, screenshots, multimedia, and forums.
  • Halo Cheats - Cheats, codes, a walkthrough, and screenshots.
  • Halo Unlimited - Great site for any Halo secrets and cheats. Halo Unlimited is the largest collection of tricks on the web! It contains forums, and walkthroughs too.
  • Halo Vault - News, information, and forum.
  • halo.bungie.org - Comprehensive site with analysis, art, and forums.
  • Halogaming - Screenshots and resources.
  • Halo-World - Halo-World, the ultimate Site for every Halo-Fan; new Infos, Screens, Downloads!
  • Hunter.net - A secure site for fans of Hunter the Reckoning. Features chat, dictionary of terms, Forums and resources.
  • HunterNet.Org - Official White Wolf web site. Requires a password to gain access.
Jet Set Radio Future: NASCAR: NBA Live:
  • NBA Live 2002 - Official site. Includes information about all platform versions of the game.
New Legends:
  • New Legends - Official site. Contains game information.

Oddysee (Munch's):

Project Ego: Silent Hill:
  • Silent Hill 2 - Cheats, GameShark codes, ranking, endings and walkthrough.
Spy Hunter: SSX Tricky:
  • SSX Tricky - Official site. Contains game and platform information.
Test Drive: Transworld Surf: Wreckless:

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