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Welcome to CGNC's resource page for the fastest selling PC game of all-time! On this page you will find cheats and race descriptions.

Race Descriptions:

  • Humans - Humans or the Human Alliance is made up of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. This alliance stands out as the most versatile army in Warcraft 3, because they can fight well on land or in the air and have very powerful spell casters such as the Priest and Sorceress on their side.
  • Orcs - Pure brute strength best describes this race. That said, the Orcs have the strongest ground units by far. However, their ranged and magic abilities are only modest. 
  • Night Elves - This race may lack strength but they more than make up for it with magic, speed, and abundant ranged firepower.
  • The Undead - The main thing to remember about this race is sheer number! The Undead's spell casters have the ability to raise their fallen soldiers or even fallen enemies and add them to their massive army. In other words, kill their spell casters ASAP.


To use these single player cheats for the fastest selling PC game ever, press the enter key and type in the code. To activate the cheat just press enter again.  

  • WhosYourDaddy for god mode
  • KeyserSoze [+Amount you want] for gold
  • StrengthAndHonor for no defeat
  • PointBreak to remove food limit
  • WhoIsJohnGalt to enable research
  • Synergy to disable tech tree requirements
  • SharpAndShiny for research upgrades
  • ThereIsNoSpoon for unlimited mana
  • WarpTen to speed construction of buildings and units
  • IocainePowder for fast death


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