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  • A Family of Crime - "A family of Crime is a parody of the mafia world. Players enter into a life of crime where they hire thugs, manage their businesses and form alliances, basically doing everything in their power to remain on top of the game. You win when you gain control of all four powers: the police, the court, the news and city hall."

  • Alien Fish Exchange - "Alien Fish Exchange pits you against all the other players on your mobile phone network as you try to breed the most exotic aquatic life yet discovered."

  • Arcon Planet - "You are a rich business angel who wants to conquer new worlds. You will buy rare stones and sell them to others in Arcon galaxy. You fix prices and quantities. You discuss in the forum. You start with a few stones : frial , plium and tintal in Arcon planet."

  • Catch the Robber - "Catch the Robber is a classic adventure game You find yourself in an alley with Sarah who has just been robbed - can you help her and Catch the Robber?"

  • Carrier Force - "Each player has a fleet consisting of eight ships, chosen randomly from patrol boat, minesweeper assault ship, submarine, destroyer, cruiser, battleship and aircraft carrier. They select two or more of those ships to go into their battle fleet, and discard the rest. They repeat this three times, and aim to get the highest possible score."

  • Chop Suey Kung Fu - "Each player selects one of the six Kung Fu Masters to represent them. They start out with 10 hit points, and must inflict 10 points of damage (or more) on their opponent to win. Each turn, both players select one of a number of martial arts moves: the more powerful moves are less likely to hit, but do more damage when they do hit."

  • Desert Tomb - "Treasure waits for you in the depths of the desert tomb, but only the brave will be able to make it past the devious traps and brain bending puzzles. If you succeed in defeating the mummy, giant spider and all the other frightening beasts the treasure will be yours to keep. Getting out alive however, will be a different matter."

  • DataClash - "DataClash is the ultimate adrenalin rush for your WAP phone. Using your attack programs, do battle with the other players on the network, tyring to defeat their carefully prepared defensive traps. If you are successful, earn fame and notoriety as you advance up the leaderboard. But make sure you guard yourself with your own defensive programs, you can be attacked at any time!"

  • Diver - "Can you connect up the diver's air supply before he starves of oxygen? Be quick, the diver needs your help... Diver is a novel twist on sliding picture puzzle games and can be re-branded to suit any design strategy, or the graphics altered to create a new context (connect the light bulb to a battery)."

  • Dragon Army - "Each player has an army consisting of six units, chosen randomly from swordsman, archer, knight, champion, mage or dragon. They select as many or as few of those units as they like to keep, and discard the rest. The discarded units are then replaced with further units chosen at random. The players each repeat this three times, and aim to get the highest possible total score."

  • Gladiator II - "Gladiator II: Quest for Freedom is the follow-up to the wireless smash hit Gladiator. Some new features include new gladiator type, new weapon type, more customizable war cries, real-time Top 10 gladiator rankings, increased player matching, rematch and more!"

  • Hanoi Towers - "In a secret temple near Hanoi are three sacred poles, or towers. Threaded onto one pole are 64 sacred golden disks, decreasing in size from bottom to top. The temple monks have a divine mission. They must move all the disks from one pole to another, one by one. The divine rules are that they must not place a smaller disk on top of a larger one, and never move a disk anywhere but onto a sacred pole. When the task is completed, so the prophecy says, the temple will crumble to dust and the world will end."

  • HitFactor - "Hitfactor lets you be a major player in the music business. Through daily moves in choosing concerts, wise PR moves and record releases players win chart positions to make that money and move ahead of the pack. Hitfactor is a massively multi-player music industry game for mobile phones and other data-enabled wireless devices."

  • iForest - Multiplayer adventure game with an interesting story behind it.

  • Lifestylers - "The game features a persistent game world and intense multiplayer interaction. You decide for yourself what your goal in the game should be since there are many different highscore tables - all with their own criteria for getting high scores."

  • Merchant Princes - "In Merchant Princes, one of the most ambitious and detailed wireless game ever developed, you play the part of a medieval merchant competing with thousands of other people. Nominated for a BAFTA award in the Games - Mobile and Networked category, this multi-player and persistent world adventure and trading game has incredible depth while at the same time being very easy to play."

  • Mobilization - "Mobilization is a global scale strategy game for the WAP platform. Choose different game variations and your battle area to play against 1-3 enemy players. The war can last one hour or one week - it's up to you."

  • Of Humans & Trolls, and Beer - "A fantasyworld long, long time ago.
    A fragile peace between Humans and Trolls.
    A forbidden affair.
    A secret message.
    An unlikely hero, Gunther, to save the day.
    And also a couple of beers, too."

  • Office Cubex - "You are the workhorse of the information society. The spaghetti junctions on the information superhighway are your everyday meal. But do you know where's the nearest restroom? The way might prove difficult as modern office furnishings are very flexible. The way just isn't the same anymore. You have to regarnish the office to get there."

  • Picofun Football - "Picofun Football - 2nd Season is a game that continues the proud tradition of football management games. You are the manager and you decide which players to buy or sell. It is also up to you to create a good team spirit. For Picofun Football - 2nd Season, the management experience has been taken one step further. Improved possibilities for detailed team management; multiple tactics and formations to choose from when building a team; detailed match summaries with statistics from the 90 minutes of play and similar features challenge your managing skills even more than before."

  • Rags2Riches - "You're a fashion designer, darling, trying to guess what style and color of dress will be hot next season. Guess right, and you'll make scads of money; guess wrong, and your inventory will be shipped to Argentina to be pulped and made into rag paper. Those fashion critics can be just brutal, darling."

  • RobotBattle - "RobotBattle is an innovative WAP/SMS-based game that brings a new dimension to mobile entertainment. RobotBattle allows users to build their own robots and challenge other players in robot battles anytime and anywhere. Specifically targeted for the young, high-traffic mobile generation, this addictive service will drive data traffic usage."

  • Sorcery - "Travel through the Shamutanti Hills in search of the Crown of Kings in this role-playing adventure, based upon Steve Jackson's award winning game books."

  • Space Pirates - "the persistent universe multiplayer space piracy game for WAP mobile phones. Battle your way across the solar system in swashbuckling adventures! Rob from the rich, and rob from the poor as well. Battle to become the most feared and loathsome pirate ever! Players compete in a real-time 24-7 game universe that is full of fun and opportunity."

  • TamaGordon - "TamaGordon is your new best friend! Just like a regular buddy, he wants your attention and is always up to something. Based on the famous Tamagotchi concept."

  • Time Bomb - "Terrorists have planted five bombs around your city, and it's your job to defuse them before they blow up! Each bomb has a more complex code that will require increasing amounts of brain power to solve, but you only have a limited amount of chances to get it right. Don't mess it up, the population of the city is depending on you to save them!"

  • Void Raider - "You begin as an Ensign in command of a tiny starship, your mission to raid enemy commerce -- capturing enemy merchant ships and selling the cargo at a tidy profit. Your call yourself a privateer; the enemy calls you a pirate."

  • WAP Racing - "The first ever WAP racing game! Race your cars round the tracks by guessing how fast you can push it on each corner! WAP Racing uses a text entry system to enable players to race around a track in the fastest possible time, and supports multiplayer racing through lap time competitions."

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