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ODD BOT - Simple Bot for TFC and Half-Life death matches.

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Team Fortress 2:

Is Team Fortress 2 out yet? Nope. Will it ever be out? That depends on how much more work the guys at Valve have left on it. As it stands now, TF2 is probably getting passed up technology-wise by games like Ghost Recon and Socom. The longer the wait (since 1998), the less of an impact Team Fortress 2 will likely have when it finally does come out. For example, Commander and Conquer: Tiberian Sun (the long awaited sequel to C&C) was largely a non-factor when it was finally released. Hopefully, that will not happen with TF2, but the incredible popularity of Team Fortress has already waned as gamers demand more from this groundbreaking series. That said, several broken links have been removed from this page. 

  • Sierra: Team Fortress 2 - The official site for the game. Includes information about the development of the game. A forum for questions and answers. The usual official clips of the game and links to other sites.

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TFC Leagues:

  • ILAN Gaming League - TFC ladder for competing clans. Contains five separate tournaments for all skill levels.
  • Online Gaming League - Tournaments and Ladders for players and teams of all skill levels.
  • TFLeague - TFC ladder for competing clans.

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