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Directory of Old Sega Systems

Sega Dreamcast:

Sega Genesis:

  • Dex's Sega Site - Dex's Gesesis Site. Comprehensive Game List and Machine Specs are its Most Redeeming Features.
  • Genesis at MobyGames - Historical archive of Sega Genesis games with screen shots and reviews.
  • Genesis Collective - Contains screen shots, scans, and news.
  • The Genesis Project - Contains reviews and screen shots for Sega Genesis andga-Drive games.
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the SEGA Genesis - A list of every Genesis ROM dumped, and links to pages that contain Game Genie codes and manual scans.
  • Megadrive games - Megadrive site devoted to the history of the Megadrive and Genesis, including Sonic. Includes an ever-growing library of screen shots, music, and reviews on the best Megadrive games.
  • ScreenMania Genesis Section - Contains screen shots of the games.
  • Sega Base - History of Past and Present Sega Videogame Consoles.
  • Sega Brains - Information about Programming the Sega Genesis. Also Contains Emulation Information/Roms/Tools.
  • Shining Lair - Information for specific Sega Genesis RPG games.
  • Tim's Sega System Tech Site - Contains Usefule Information for Diagnosing and Fixing Your Sega Megadrive/Genesis. Small Site but Quite Good Information.
  • Video Game Reviews - Decent amount of video game reviews. This section is for the genesis, but there are other systems on there.
  • VideoGame Strategies - Genesis - Codes, Hints, cheats, and FAQs for the Sega Genesis Videogame System.

Sega Saturn:

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