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Directory: Shockwave Game Sites

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  • Add Games - Contains a variety of shockwave games.
  • Adveractive Shockwave Games - Offers over 70 Shockwave Games including sports games, mind games, shooting games, and puzzles.
  • Antidote Entertainment - Over 50 games in the genres of arcade, strategy, parlour and sports.
  • ArcadePod.com Shockade - Directory of Shockwave Games sorted in categories.
  • CircusX.com - Insane Cartoons and Games - Shockwave cartoons, animations and games.
  • Clown Invaders - The ultimate battle between the forces of good...and clowns.
  • Comet Blaster - Take an intense journey into enemy territory and blast down waves of alien ships. Your only salvation are the ice comets that boost plasma shields.
  • Eat My Games - Games in the genres of sports, puzzle and arcade. Offers 3-D games as well as high score boards.
  • Enjoy The Break - A collection of games brought to you courtesy of the Coca-Cola Company. Includes titles such as Save Our Sprite, Powerade Paddle and Ice Cube Crusher.
  • Faith Lobby - Providing games focusing on the Bible and the Christian worldview. You can play crosswords, trivia, card games and arcade games.
  • Free Stuff Center - Basketball Shootout, Mars Lander, Mud Slinger, and Little Pig Races. Play for free and you could win cool prizes.
  • Free Web Games - Contains free shockwave games.
  • GameScene - Several fun Shockwave games including Dogs Playing Poker and Asteroid Command.
  • Games2play - Free online Shockwave action games - Float, Meteor, Tennis, Galactic Attack, others. English/German.
  • Gratuitous Pleasures - Variety of simple Shockwave games including shooters and a Ouiji board.
  • Happy Puppy's Shockwave Games - If it's a great game you're looking for, chances are this site has a link to it.
  • InfoSpace Games - Collection of casino, action, word, and skill games including multiplayer and Shockwave Flash games.
  • Intergalatic Harry - Play an assortment of sci-fi themed games.
  • iPlayOnline.com - Offers single player and multiplayer games in different genres.
  • Jungy - Freedom for the grounded - Collection of free Shockwave games with a Gen-X attitude.
  • Kipper.com: Games - Offers games such as Simon, Mastermind, Sliders, Concentration, Flippit and Virtual Color Cube.
  • LifeSavers Candystand - Free online Shockwave sports and arcade games. Most games offer the chance to win prizes.
  • LocoGames.com - Offers games in the genres of trivia, puzzle, arcade, and casino.
  • MaximumEdge.com - A collection of free online Shockwave games including arcade, action, sports, and card games.
  • MOOish - Shockwave games: Eggscapade, HammerMole, Dave's Tennis.
  • NabiscoWorld Adventure Land - Features several games based on Nabisco snacks. Players have a chance to win prizes.
  • Nando and Multimedia - Games include Hangman and puzzles.
  • Neoto Online Games - Over 50 different games with high score boards in 6 different genres.
  • Online Game Free - Online shockwave card, board, maze games and puzzles for kids
  • Pixel 3000 - Create your own online, interactive sketch comedy show at this Shockwave-enabled site. Just drag the actors in place, and they perform for you.
  • Pointless Games - Free Shockwave and Flash games.
  • Seussville Games - Lovable Seuss characters including Horton and the Cat in the Hat are featured in this collection of games for children.
  • Shockplay - Offers single player games in the sporting genre. Registration is required.
  • ShockRave - Contains many shockwave movies, and games.
  • Shockwave Galore - Free Shockwave arcade games and puzzle games.
  • Shockwavegames.de - Two funny Shockwave games: Helicopter Jump and Balloons.
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids Games - A large collection of sports themed family-friendly games.
  • WeirdTown Gamebox - Shockwave games machine featuring Tetris, Friends Matching Game, Apple and others.

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