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Directory: Pocket PC Titles

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Palm Game Titles

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  • 1942 - Classic scrolling shooter for the iPAQ.

  • Astroblaster - Alien Shooter. 

  • Battle Zone - Defend your base with a well-armed tank.

  • Bob the Pipe Fitter - Connect pipes together Tetris-style.

  • Bounty Hunter 2099 Pinball - A futuristic pinball game.

  • Boyan - Cartoony Shooter.

  • Boyan's Crystal - Try to line up crystal balls of the same color before they fall too low on the PDA's screen.

  • Burgermatic - Puzzle game where players try to catch the contents of hamburger.

  • Chix - Race to out maneuver the enemy in order to reveal pictures of beautiful women.

  • Chopper Alley - Take a thrill ride in a high-tech chopper in this HUGE action game.

  • Deep Down Race - Interesting concept of racing thousands of miles beneath the surface.

  • Doom PDA - 3D Shooting at its best.

  • Empire of the Undead - Hack-and-slasher with impressive graphics.

  • Fade - A graphical adventure game with a contemporary theme.

  • G-Pod - Tunnel-based shooter with a major focus on gravity.

  • G-Prime - Arcade-style shooter.

  • Ghost Hunt - Ghostbust with a stylus.

  • Hyperspace Delivery Boy - Part RPG, Part Puzzle, and Part Action, But All Fun.

  • Infectious Ground - The second best 3D Shooter on a PDA behind Doom.

  • Invasion - The Grey Day - Real time strategy game in the same mold as the PC classic Command & Conquer.

  • IsoQuest Adventure - Gauntlet-style action game.

  • Metalion - Robots in full force.

  • Moline - Cartoony shooter.

  • Neo-Karateka - Karate action game based on the classic Karateka Master for the Apple II.

  • Rayman Pocket - Pocket PC version of the console favorite.

  • Reckless Thief - Guide a thief to a huge diamond without touching any walls.

  • RocketElite - The most intense and deep game on the Pocket PC.

  • Section Z - Save the world in a jet propelled space suit.

  • Sim City 2000 - The classic PC game in the palm of your hand.

  • Snails - Zany shooter perfectly suited for the Pocket PC.

  • Tennis Addict - One of the top sports games available for the Pocket PC.

  • The Mark - Sniper-style shooting game.

  • The Nutcracker - Action game in the Metal Gear Solid mold.

  • Turjah (I and II) - Space shooter similar to Zap!2000 with better graphics but less responsive controls.

  • Western Bank - Quick reflex target practice set in the wild west.

  • WinHack - Dungeons and Dragon's style RPG for the Pocket PC.

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