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Diablo Series Resource Page

Ghost Recon Resource Page

Quake Series Resource Page

WarCraft 3 Resource Page


  • Abuse - Discussion, reviews, screen shots, user levels, characters, images, FAQs, downloads and webring.
Ace of Angels:
  • Ace of Angels - Official site, with news, game information, FAQ, universe including nations, history, technology, fighters, and glossary, player statistics, forums, and downloads including game client.

Age of Wonders:

  • Age of Wonders - Official site contains demo, game information, screenshots, and downloads.
Air Warrior:
  • HaMmeR's Air Warrior Mega-Site - An extensive collection of Air Warrior 3 information. Includes tech support, utilities, tactics, plane test data, and The Badz Files -- comparative analyses of several planes, with EM graphs to show where exploitable disparities in performance lie.
Airport Tycoon:
  • Airport Tycoon - A review of the game, downloads, cheats, trainers, and help files plus airport sections.
Aliens versus Predator: Allegiance:
  • Microsoft: Allegiance - Official site, with game features, screen shots, faction profiles, server download, and news.

Alone in the Dark:

Alpha Centauri:

American McGee's Alice:



  • Thangorodrim - The Angband Page - The official site. Includes information about variants, downloads, a guide for new players, development pages, and screenshots.


  • AquaNox  - Official site. Contains game information, downloads, press releases, a FAQ, and screen shots. 
  • Sierra: Arcanum - Official site includes news, game overview, media, forums, and online ordering.
  • Armada Universe - Contains information and resources for Armada I and II.


  • Atriarch - Official site. News, information, screen shots, FAQs, press, and downloads.
  • Babyz.net - Official web site. Program information, screenshots, accolades, free babyz player and orange juice patch.

Baldur's Gate:

  • Baldur's Gate - Interplay's official site for the series and expansion packs, with game information, patches, and message boards.


Battle Realms:

Battlecruiser Online:

  • Battlecruiser Online - Official site, including news, game overview, downloads, screenshots, technical support information, and forums.

Betrayal at Krondor:

Betrayal in Antara:

Black and White:


  • Blood - Official website with game information and downloads.
  • Blood II: The Chosen - Official website with game information and downloads.

Blood Omen:

Casino Tycoon:
  • Casino Tycoon - Official site. Offers game information, screenshots, and tutorials.


  • All Civ - News, forums, screenshots, guides and downloads for Civilizations 2 and 3.
  • Apolyton Civilization Site - The oldest and largest source for all Civilization games: from the Civilization series (I, II and III) to Call to Power, Alpha Centauri and Dinosaurs. Daily news, hundreds of files, highly active forums.

Command & Conquer:

  • C&C God - Hints for newbies, tactics of top players, dinos, dirty players, WChat rules, new missions, tough players, disguise list, ladder calculator, news, rumors & reports, units descriptions, cheat counter, multi player maps. Updated every few days since Feb 1997!
  • Command and Conquer Nation - Contains news, downloads, and information on complete series.
Commandos: Creatures: Darkstone:
  • Darkstone News - News, quest information, strategies, and character guides.


  • PlanetDeerhunter - Everything you need to play the Deerhunter series of hunting games with news, reviews, and files.

Deus Ex:

  • Deus Ex - Official website with news and game information.
  • Deus Ex Center - News, game information, downloads, articles, and forums.
  • Deus Ex Machina - News, articles, artwork, and game information.
  • Deus Ex Zone - German Deus Ex news website, with downloads, tutorials and more.
  • DeusEx-Online.com - A new site with news, tutorials, help files, a forum and downloads.
  • Deus-Ex.org - News, walkthrough, articles, cheats, and forums.


  • PlanetDiablo - Contains news, act walkthroughs, items database, character information, and quests.

Dominion Wars:

  • Dominion Wars - Official site. Includes news, screenshots, and a message board.
  • Doom2.net - Information, from beginner guides to deathmatch tips and demos.
  • Doom3net - News, previews, screenshots and information. Also online discussion.
Duke Nukem:
  • The Duke 3D Pages - Contains secrets, cheats, maps, strategies, FAQ, and other downloads.
Dungeon Keeper:
  • Dungeon Keeper - Official site. Includes game information, news, images, downloads, forums, support, and demos.
Dungeon Siege: Elder Scrolls: Elite Force: Fallout:


  • Kabuto Online - Offers daily news, strategies, tactics, game information, and cheats and hints.
  • Planet Citizen Kabuto - Features news, story, artwork, editing notes, and downloads including patches, modifications, and editing tools.
Ghost Recon
  • Bill Brown's Ghost Recon Music - Audio tracks and video trailers for all Tom Clancy games. Has the intro audio for Desert Seige, and Ghost Recon along with a video trailer.
  • Gamerzbrain ghost recon interview - Thomas: Yeah...lol...it should be said that I didn't like the original sketches all that much (they were beautifully drawn, just not the right gear).
  • Ghost Recon Online - News, reviews, and downloads.
  • Ghost Recon Operations - Includes modifications, forums, and interviews.
  • Ghost Recon Platoon - Includes downloads, tutorials, and game information.
  • Ghost Recon Retreat - Server list, new player guide, screen shots, game information, and downloads.
  • Ghost Recon.net - Game news on Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series. Download new equipment and campaigns.
  • Pie's Tactics - Pie's Tactics offers news analysis and commentary, downloadable game modifications, feature content and discussion forums.
  • Rainbow SIX and Ghost Recon Universe - Easy to navigate site. Has plenty of information about all Tom Clancy games. Also has lots of mods, patches, and maps.
  • Red Storm Entertainment - Official site of the makers of Ghost Recon. Find the latest patches and information updates on expansions.
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - Official site. Contains online sales, news, videos, screen shots, concept art, detailed game information, and forums for general conversations, development, strategies, and technical support.
  • Tweak fascist's - Comic look at screen shots from Ghost Recon. The english descriptions are under the Russian ones.
  • Ubi.com - Find the latest patches and news on expansion pack releases. Play multiplayer on their server.
  • UNATCO Ghost Recon - Contains, cheats, news, and more. Also get maps, patches and modifications.
  • Vigilante Gamers - Contains mods, maps, patches and many other downloads for most shooting games. Reviews for new releases and utilities for modifying games.

Grand Theft Auto:

  • GTA: Gaming Army - Contains cars, downloads, maps, and links for all three games.
  • Planet Half-Life - Comprehensive Half-Life resource including files, forums, modifications, articles, and daily news.
  • Planet Half-Life TFC - News, files, community, strategies, and links.
  • PlanetFortress TFC - About the game, survival guide, tutorials, files, maps, bots, and links.
Heroes of Might and Magic: Hitman: Ice Wind Dale:

Independence War:

  • Independence War - Official site. Contains news, downloads including patches, modifications, and joystick files, forums, and story, features, screen shots, tips, and gameplay and technical support FAQs for each of the series games.
Jane's Combat Simulations: Max Payne:
  • Max Payne - Official site with game overview, features, gallery of screenshots and movies, FAQ, news, tutorials, support, forums, and links to online ordering.
Mechwarrior: Moon Tycoon:
  • Moon Tycoon - Official web site. Screen shots, demo and story line.
  • Myst - A game of puzzle solving and mystery. One of the most popular computer games of all time.
  • Myst III: Exile - Official site of the sequel by Presto Studios. Includes preview movie and images.
  • Myth Village - Provides news and links to the community.
  • Myth@Bungie.org - striving to provide real and interesting content that goes beyond daily news, with the Myth legends and lore and strategy, and discussion forums.
Need for Speed:

Neverwinter Nights:

No One Lives Forever:


  • Oni Online - News, game information and guides, cheat codes, screenshots, downloads, and multimedia.
  • Lucas Arts: Outlaws - Official website with downloadable demo, "Handful of Missions" game patch and updates/drivers for optimum PC performance.


  • Quake Terminus - Quake Terminus is a Net Quake knowledge database.
  • Absolute Gamer's Files Archive - Quake - Contains add-ons, skins, levels, upgrades, and total conversions.
  • Quake 2 Central - Resource site with news, columns, leagues, a player and clan database together with hosted clan pages, demos, maps, and forums.
  • Active Quake 3 Arena Servers - Listing of currently active servers and several files available for download.
  • PlanetQuake - Quake 3 - Contains featured levels, general game information, and downloads.
  • PlanetQuake3.net - News, files, tweaks, demos, reviews, interviews, downloads, forum, member list and contact information.
  • Q3Arena.com - Community and clan news, FAQ, and site hosting.
  • Q3Arena.net - Features regularly updated news, interviews with id staff and message forums.
  • Q3Center - News, game information, articles, strategies, screenshots, downloads, console commands, and forums.
  • Q3Dreams - News, game information, tips and strategies, screenshots, and downloads.
  • Qfrag.com - News, Stats, Forums and Tournaments.
  • Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament - Downloads, skins, models, mods, utilities and maps.
  • Quake 3 Arena Archive - Get hints, tip, cheats, and screenshots. Forum and chat.
  • Quake 3 World - News, forums, downloads, and ladder competition.
  • Quake Files - News, help, links, and sorted files.
  • Quake III: Arena - Official website with game information, screenshots, and downloads.
  • Quake III Console - Features all console commands available for the game.
  • Quake III Frag Till Ya Drag - Chat, downloads, maps, editing tutorial and tweaks.
  • Quake Stuff - Models, skins, maps, mods and server.
  • Quake Team Arena - Files, FAQs and forums, maps and skins available for download. Server setup tutorials.
  • Quake-a-Holic - News, discussion, server information, status, player stats, map cycle and screen shots.
  • QuakeSport.com - Quake 3 Arena - Maps, skins, mods, rules, ranks, and stats.
  • QuakeStuff - General information and news, models, skins available for download, a maps section, and several interviews.
  • Quake3World.net - News, files, server statistics and information.
  • Shapierian's QfG Site - Information on all 5 games; including maps, character profiles, fan fiction, funny screenshots, codes, easter eggs and tips.

Red Baron:

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Rise of the Triad: Riven:
  • Riven Unofficial Home Page - A terrific Riven web site! News, walkthroughs, hints, information and galleries of game images. Probably the cleanest and easiest to use Riven web site. Packed with information.
Roller Coaster Tycoon:
  • RollerCoaster Tycoon - Offers track and scenario add-ons, sound clips, patches, screen shots, FAQs, game demo, an interview with Chris Sawyer, technical support, technical specifications, and news. 
  • Shogun TotalWar - The official site, including a clans list, strategies, and downloads.
  • The Best Sim Page - Presents cheat codes and links.
  • CanadaComputes.com - Article on The Sims: Living Large, and SimsVille.
  • Peter's Place - SimCentral - Offers news and cheats.
  • Reinier's Sim Center - Offers strategies, cheats, and links for many sim games.
  • Sim Gamer - Offers cheats, hints, and downloads.
  • Sim Games Network - News and downloads for games such as The Sims, the SimCity series, SimsVille, and SimTower.
  • Sim Network Gaming - Coverage of The Sims, Sim Theme Park, and SimCity.
  • Sim Web - Contains links, cheats, and downloads to many of the Sim Games.
  • SimCentral - Offers cheats and hints.
  • SimCheats - Offers cheats codes for many sim games including SimCity, The Sims, and SimGolf.
  • SimCity Police Dept - Message board community with different threads for most of the Sims games.
  • SimGaming.net - Covering SimCity 3000, SimCity 4000, The Sims, Livin Large, and SimsVille.
  • SimGlobal - Offers information, cheats, and downloads for SimCity, The Sims, and The Sims Online.
  • SimNoctalis - Offers game information for The Sims, Simsville, SimGolf, and SimCity 3000.
  • The SimPage - Offers user creations, cheats, news, and screenshots for games such as SimCopter, the SimCity series, The Sims, SimsVille, and SimMars.
  • sims-source.com, sims reviews and previews - Sims Source reviews on all of the sims also cheats
  • TheSimsZone - Offers news, information, downloads, and links for various sim games.
  • TheSuperCrazySim - Offers information, and downloads for The Sims, SimCity, and SimGolf.
  • WorldSims - Offers information, downloads, forums, and news for The Sims, SimCity, and SimGolf.

Soldier of Fortune:

  • SoF Center - The Gamers' choice for the latest Soldier of Fortune news, java chats, forums, interviews, screenshots, features, and articles.


  • Soulbringer - Official site with game information, screen shots, demos, game features, forums, and current news. 
Spiderman:  StarCraft: Throne of Darkness: Tomb Raider: Tribes:
  • Tribes Unlimited - News, information, FAQ, screenshots, downloads, scripts, modifications, utilities, links, message board.
  • Tribes 2 - Official site.


  • Unreal - Official website.
  • Unreal Done Quick - Demos that feature Unreal levels done in the fastest time possible.
  • Unreal Exposed - Strategy guide, interviews, and reviews.
  • Unreal Map Editing - Map-making tutorial and useful links.
  • Unreal II - Presents official press releases, FAQ, concept art, screenshots, and desktop wallpaper. Also offers fansite links and forums.
  • Unreal Tournament - Official website.
  • Unreal Tournament 4 Ever - News, screenshots, cheats, reviews, downloads, and forums.
  • Unreal Tournament Realm - Includes maps ,modifications, links, screensavers, and wallpapers.
  • Unreal3D.com - News, console commands, patches, maps, and models.
  • Unrealism - News, articles, cheats, game information, downloads, and forums.
  • Unreality - News, map and skin reviews, downloads, and forums.
  • uReel - Group using the Unreal engine to create Machinima films.
  • UT Arena - News, downloads, and game information.
  • UT Clans - A directory of clans.
  • UT Extreme - Includes modifications, mutators, tips, and downloads.
  • Vampire Haven - A large database of Skins, Maps, and Mods for Vampire the Masquerade. Also contains News and Updates on the Vampire Community.



  • Wizardry Realms - Covers Wizardry 7 and 8. Items, monsters, walkthrough, cheats, and multimedia.
  • XCommand - All the latest news regarding X-Com. Includes a message board.
  • Zeus - Official site provides news, media, game information, and forums.

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