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  • AlphaTwist Central - Download and support information for AlphaTwist, a single-player word game for Palm Pilot and compatible PDAs.
  • Astronomy for the Palm OS - Explore the solar system with Orrery. Observe Jupiter with Jovian. View the Moon phases with Lunar.
  • Bearded Toad Entertainment - Developers of humorous Palm OS games such as Fish Tank Terror, Filthy Pigeons, and The Beast from Uranus.
  • Blue Mitt - A crossword program that allows downloads of New York Times and USA Today puzzles.
  • BuzzWord Bingo - Software for the PalmPilot.
  • Cake Software - Fun you can carry around with your PDA. Free demo and free support from C.A.K.E Development Team.
  • CECRAFT - Development of entertainment game S/W for PDA and wireless Internet (WAP/JAVA). Convert online contents to wireless contents.
  • Electron Hut - Card, arcade, puzzle, and casino games for the Palm OS.
  • Ellams Software - Maker of low-cost high-value Palm shareware such as Agent Z, Snowboard Bob, Monkey Business, Heli Rescue, and Space Pirate.
  • Freeware Pub - Focuses primarily on free games for PDAs like Tetris and Dope Wars.
  • FreewarePalm - Extensive list of freeware games for the Palm.
  • Inebooks - Creator of interactive stories and games available for Palm handhelds.
  • Interactive Fiction for the PalmPilot - A "Z-Code" interpreter so you can play interactive fiction text adventure games like Zork on the PalmPilot.
  • Mango Cats - A puzzle/strategy game for 3Com's Palm computing devices. Get 5 mangoes or cats in a row by tapping them. Shareware.
  • Palm Games for Kids and Grown-ups - Games for PalmOS that include "KidZ Pak," a game collection for kids and "WordZearch," which makes a new puzzle from 3000 words each time one plays.
  • Palm Town - Games for Palm OS devices.
  • Palm Video Games - Provides reviews and downloads of Palm video games.
  • PDArcade - Frequently updated news source for PDA games along with game downloads, previews, and reviews.
  • Piemansimon - A free, reflex/memory game for PalmOS.
  • Quasiturbine Animation - Fascinating rotary engine/compressor from Canada. Load 10K PRC file as any other PalmPilot program. When running, press page up/down button to speed/slow the animation.
  • Seek Taxi - A game-related search engine that allows visitors to search for Palm and other PDA games.
  • Sickpuppy Software - Creator of unusual software for the Palm Pilot and other platforms. Download Voodoo Doll here. Home of Sickpuppy News.
  • SiteSwap - Siteswap Juggling pattern generator. Freeware.
  • smallWare - Game software for Palm OS handhelds.
  • Sockmonsters - Puzzles and games for the Palm Pilot and Symbian platforms.
  • Wireless Gamer - Provides insight into Palm OS gaming with reviews and industry articles.
  • WomenGamers.Com - Sixty seven games for the Palm and Handspring are reviewed.

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