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Role Playing MUDs:

  • Aarchon - A MUD that takes place in a realm where space, time, and reality itself have been shattered. Many stock areas have been replaced with all original work.
  • Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands - A unique world created for this online game.
  • Aegis the Online Superhero Role Playing Game - A MUD based on the book of the same name, the Gifted of the Aegis world try to help society while avoiding capture or worse at the hands of the Agency.
  • Age of the Throne - A custom-coded pay2play MUD set in 17th Century France, a violent place where newcomers are challenged by drunken swordsmen and intrigue rules supreme. The comprehensive site offers help, maps, rank information and a direct telnet link.
  • Akistuki, Day of the Samurai - A custom built MUD based on the feudal system in Japan. Features suitable software including a java client, and an introduction to the mud.
  • Aliens vs Predator - Contains links to other sites, clan information, and feedback.
  • Auric MUD - Fantasy based roleplaying mud. Provides information on classes, races, deities and immortals.
  • Avalon, The First Age - Pay2play custom-base MUD. Instant java gameplay via their large website, which contains much of the 'how-to'-type information that anyone considering playing here will need.
  • Avathar - Features detailed information about the MUD, development information and guides.
  • Blue Facial Mud - Adventure, explore, and roleplay in a refreshingly original fantasy world.
  • The Carrion Fields Official Site - Features information on religion, races, classes, cabals and a message forum.
  • Coven of the Ahroun - Website of the Ahroun, a clan ('coven') on Aargh MUD, a game that is based on old mythology and witchcraft. Includes glossary of terms relevant relevant to prospective Ahroud roleplayers, clan-related links and a telnet link.
  • Crimson Oracles - A medieval-based role-playing MUD.
  • Dante's Realm of Darkness - Support page for Gloom Mud. Features information about areas, equipment, and the guild of Vampires.
  • Dark Places Murpe - Online game dedicated to role-playing in the exciting new realm of Raelaren, described on this page. Dark Places is just starting, and looking for a staff.
  • DimarMOO - Based on Dee Dreslough's world of Dimar.
  • Dimensions MUD - Text based mud that has a multi class system.
  • Dizzymud - Provides various role playing formats and is based on a combination of fantasy and science fiction themes.[DikuMUD].
  • Dragonfire's Official Website - Dragonfire's official website. Dragonfire is a fantasy based mud running well since 1992. Players and Wizards are welcome with open arms.
  • DragonMUD - The world's oldest surviving AberMUD, and their website reflects this fact with a large collection of documents including the AberMUD newsletter and log files.
  • Enlightened Justice - A roleplay mud running on SMAUG code. News, graphical maps, a wanderers journal, java entry, and a history of the MUD are found at this site.
  • Forgotten Kingdoms - Based on Forgotten Realms. Information on building, deities, clans, heros and maps. [Macromedia Flash Plug-in Needed].
  • GlooM MUD - Features information on game play, news, new player guide, and resources.
  • Gundam: Lights End - A RPG that takes place a little after the gundam wing saga, still using the same characters though. A Chat based RPG that has a well set plot, good characters, and a good layout.
  • Iconoclast - Genetic alteration and cybernetic enhancements are accepted as the norm in Iconoclast, which shows us what the world might look like 100 years in the future. Their themed website reflects the technologically-advanced theme of this free online game, and includes a walk-thru, extensive information from the game and a roleplay guide.
  • The Inquisition - Information on guilds, history, and geography. Offers a mailing list.
  • Land of Karchan MUD - A web-based multi user dungeon played through any web browser. The Land of Karchan MUD has been around since 1992 and involves over 30 players at a time and thousands of different rooms.
  • Lensmoor Mud - A free internet roleplaying game, based in a unique, original world. With over 15,000 rooms to explore, and upwards of 100 players at a time, there's plenty to experience.
  • LooneyMud - Information song contests, guilds, muds, statistics, and links to other homepages.
  • Lythlandria's Batmud Castle - Guide to playing Batmud. Features maps and FAQs.
  • Netherland - Features race and class information, rules, clan information, and much more.
  • Realm of Utopian Dreams - Information on classes, races, remorts, religion, areas. legends.
  • Realms of Discordia - A player tribute - Realms of Discordia MUD fan-run site. Listing of resources and various logs.
  • Realms of Discorida - Tortuguero Chronicles - A fan site for Realms of Discordia MUD. Appropriate for citizens of Tortuguero.
  • The Sentaari handbook - An Achaea support site. Provides detailed information on the Sentaari.
  • Shades - Based on a land of mystery and magic includes help files and player information. Site includes a Java client for direct web connection to the game.
  • Shades of the Past - A MUD set in the world of Kyderria. History and maps of the world are located on the site. Roleplaying encouraged and limited pkill. SotP offers 8 races, 6 classes with the ability to reclass to a dragon or shade, clans/guilds, quests and tournaments with prizes.
  • Soyoki's Nexus: the Insightful Place - A fan site for the Online Role-Playing Game Nexus: Kingdom of the Winds, created and maintained by Soyoki.
  • Sudika Sabre - Official Website of Sudika Sabre text-based roleplaying adventure based on the original fantasy/science fiction story created by Craig Kellerman.
  • TempusMUD - A mix of SciFi and Fantasy with a social environment. Encourage both newbies and experienced MUDers to play.
  • Terris - Ranger Guild Scribe's Office - Information can be found here for both those interested in the MUD game called Terris and those specifically seeking ranger guild information.
  • TriadCity - A free large-scale multi-user role playing game with a literary orientation, currently in beta.
  • The World of Eternal Oasis - Features information about the game itself, the background knowledge required to play, and a RP name generator.
  • Worlds End Mud - A ROM2-based multi-genre roleplay MUD. Site contains information on classes and races, and other useful links for players of this MUD. Homepage requires 3dml plugin.

General MUDs:


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