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Directory: MMORPGs

Ace of Angels:

  • Ace of Angels - Official site, with news, game information, FAQ, universe including nations, history, technology, fighters, and glossary, player statistics, forums, and downloads including game client.


  • Microsoft: Allegiance - Official site, with game features, screen shots, faction profiles, server download, and news.

  • PlanetAllegiance - Strategy guides, resources, features, files, and forums.

  • Zaphoon's Allegiance - Includes guides to ships, bombing, and scouting, color list, and SOVRoute server router configuration tips.

Anarchy Online:

  • Anarchy Online - Official site offers news, maps, game information, downloads, press, feedback, guides, FAQ, and forums.


  • Arianne RPG - A free open source massive multiplayer online roleplaying game. With information, news, and downloads.

Asheron's Call:

  • AC DragonZones - Directory of links to other sites. Categories include maps, creatures, equipment, magic, quests, and professions.

  • AC Tips - Directory containing hundreds of links to information on spells, guilds, creatures, lore, quests, and maps.

  • AC Vault - Up-to-date news, stories, artwork, articles, beginners' guides, lore, items, professions, and message boards. The Server Boards here are the most popular online trading arena.

  • Asheron's Call - [Official] Turbine Games' Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty website. Features news, monthly events, patch updates, bug report, and the developers' Q&A.
  • Asheron's Call - [Official] Microsoft Zone site, offering portals for entering the game, news and events, server status reports, and downloads.
  • Asheron's Call Lore - News, geography, guides, spells, quests, creatures, and forums.

  • Asheron's Call Sage - News, player events, new player guides, templates, and guild hosting.

  • Asheron's Call Stratics - News, guides, FAQ, forums, lore, events, links, atlas, bestiary, and other game information.

  • Asherons Call Trading Post - Database of items available for trade; supports all worlds.

  • AsheronsGuide.com - Beginners' guides, many different character templates, quest guides, and forums.

  • Asheron's Call Stratics - News, guides, FAQ, forums, lore, events, links, atlas, bestiary, and other game information.
  • Crossroads of Dereth - News, reviews, message boards, columns, creatures, quests, spells, items, towns, and housing.
  • Dark Bolt's - Includes screenshots and quests of the character on the Solclaim server.
  • Darktide Characters - Roster of some of the Darktide players, bounties, and guides for first-time player-killers.
  • Darthmyr's AC Site - Site for all servers. Features forums, chat, auctions, news, screenshots database, and quest calendars.
  • Dizzarian's Diary of Dereth - Information for mages, including level 7 spells, starter guides, templates, and journals.
  • Dragonsbait - News and links to other sites.
  • Journals Of Girelle M'aloth - News, charts, economy reports, quests, walkthroughs, and articles.
  • Life On Leafcull - Photos of the people behind the characters in AC on the Leafcull server.
  • Loremasters - Offers a library of AC Lore, magic system information, and beginners' strategy guides.
  • The Lost Dungeons Society - A group of explorers who are dedicated toward learning the secrets of every dungeon in Dereth. Their discoveries are available to the public.
  • Maggie the Jackcat - Quests, creatures, spells, unique items, craftables, lore, and trade skills. Site categorization is non-traditional, but almost every aspect of AC is contained here.
  • The Olthoi's Lair - Home of the popular columnist Fist de Yuma. Also features other player journals, forums, and a small marketplace.
  • Q's Guide to being a Mage - Extensive information about the many facets of playing a mage, including character creation, schools and skills, and possible templates.
  • Solclaim Aerlinthe Quest Scheduling - Calendar for scheduling Aerlinthe Quests on Solclaim. Its goal is to prevent multiple groups from attempting to run the lengthy quest simultaneously.
  • Solclaim Photo Album - A gallery of hundreds of player-submitted real-life photos of the people behind the characters.
  • The Unrepentant Archer - Starting help, templates, trade skills, quests, tactics, and maps. Dedicated entirely to those who play, or wish to learn to play, as archers.
  • Vitae Rising - News, FAQ about the group, forums, image gallery, movies, songs, and stories.
  • Wintersebb Photo Album - Photos of the players behind some of the characters on the Wintersebb server.
  • Women of Asheron's Call - Site dedicated toward bringing together the many women who play AC. Stories, member profiles, forum, and interviews.



Big World:

  • BigWorld: Citizen Zero - Official website with news, game information, and forums.

  • BigWorld Vault - Includes news, editorals, fan art, interviews, forums, chat, story, screenshots, system requirements, and concept art.

City of Heroes:

  • City of Heroes - Official site with feature list, screen shots, movies, FAQ and forum.

Cosmic Rift:

  • Sony: Cosmic Rift - Official site, with news, statistics, features, FAQ, screen shots, technical support, guides to ships, weapons, environments, and strategy, and forums.

Dark Age of Camelot:

  • Dark Age of Camelot - Official website with news, game information, links, and screenshots.

  • Armory of the Dark Ages - Crafters of every kind gather to hawk their wares. Each 'shop' is sorted by server and realm. Shopowners may list their skill level, terms, and rates.

  • Camelot Castle - News, screenshots, and game information.

  • Camelot Guide - Covers classes, quests, spells, and zones.

  • Camelot Lore - News, forums, guides, and information for the Dark Age player.

  • Camelot Outpost - News, guides, game information, and forums.

  • Camelot Stratics - News, game information, screenshots, articles, fan fiction, and forums.

  • Camelot Vault - The longest running fan-based Dark Age of Camelot Website. Great message boards.

  • Camelot Warcry - News, forums, live-chat, guides, and links.

  • Camelot-fr : The french resource for DAOC - Camelot-fr : the French ressource : daily news, interviews, tips, classes, maps, forum, chat, poll

  • Classes of Camelot - News, game information, forums, and files for the Dark Ages of Camelot game.

  • DAoC Catacombs - Information and Tools for Dark Age of Camelot players including a character builder so you can plan your advancement.

  • DAoC Player Portal - Game information, guides, and a database of fan sites.

  • DAOC Server Status - Provides server status for all Dark Age of Camelot Servers. Details include uptime history and Realm vs. Realm status.

  • DAOC Stats Grokker - Project homepage for a chat log analyzer.

  • DAoC Stories - A site for reading and writing stories based on the world of Dark Age of Camelot.

  • DAoC-FR - Information for the French players of DAoC.

  • DAoCKnowledgeBase - A free downloadable database of DAoC items, quests, and NPC information. New versions available as they are updated.

  • Dark Age of Camelot - Europe - Official website for DAoC in Europe with news, game information, links, and screenshots

  • Dark Age of Camelot @ GameBanshee - Featuring daily news, reviews, interviews, previews, screenshots, including comprehensive listings of equipment, spells, monsters, and more.

  • Dark Age of Camelot - Italy - Official website for DAoC - Italy with news, game information, links, and screenshots

  • Dark Age of Camelot - Korea - Official website for DAoC in Korea with news, game information, links, and screenshots.

  • Dark Age of Camelot Realm - News, forums, guides, links, and hints.

  • Dark Age of Camelot Support - Your starting point for resolving any problems that you may be having with DAoC or answering any questions that you may have. Includes searchable knowledge database. [Official]

  • Dark Sage of Camelot - Guides, links, forums, screenshots, polls, and site hosting.

  • Grail News - Daily DAoC News, Links resource to class/hunting/other guides, maps, and Galahad guild. In game screenshots are also a feature.

  • Realm Abilities Configurator - Plan out your realm abilities interactively. View details for all classes, dependencies, cost, etc.

  • Realm Wars - Dedicated to the Realm vs Realm aspect of the game.

  • UberNews - Newspaper style MMORPG gaming humor, editorials and guides.

Dark Ages:

  • Dark Ages - Adventure in a Celtic dreamland on the border of light and darkness in an online fantasy role playing world. Free trial, no CD necessary. Isometric view with Anime theme. "Legend of Darkness" on separate servers, same login-screen.

  • The Kouga Dojo - Resource for Monks. Information and pictures of skills and secrets, armor, items, sapphire stream monastery and the animal forms.

  • Nokel Poriash - PHP-based guild site which offers hosting for DA-related writing by players. Contains forum to discuss the works.

  • Planet DarkAges - PHP-based player community page with news, forum, and player resources etc.

Dark Sector:

  • Dark Sector Center - Member of the MGO Network. News, concept art, interviews, message boards, and more.

  • The Darker Sector - News, concept art, a developer "who's who", and editorials.

Dark Space:

  • DarkSpace - Official site, with news, forum, screen shots, downloads including game client, manual, factions, history, universe, ranks, clans, FAQ, and technical support and server information.


  • Dawn - Official website with news, game information, screenshots, and forums.

  • DawnNET - News, game information, multimedia, fan artwork, interviews, and forums.


Earth and Beyond:

  • Earth and Beyond - Westwood Studio's official site, with game information, news, and discussion.

  • Earth And Beyond Portal - Includes news, FAQ, gameplay guides, development logs, forum, and chat.

  • E&B Central - Contains faction profiles, FAQ covering gameplay, universe, and technical issues, creatures, navigation, Megan, and space station development.

  • Stratics: Earth and Beyond - Contains news, races, classes, development notes, forums, and chat.

  • Universal Earth and Beyond - Contains news, race profiles, fan works, and forum.

Elemental Saga:

  • Elemental Saga - Nexon's official English site, with game information, news, screenshots, and game downloads.

Endless Ages

  • Endless Ages - The newest game by Avaria, formally from the producers of Evil Core. Includes story, game play, characters, screen shots, FAQs, beta information, membership, messages, downloads, links and store.


  • EVE: The Second Genesis - Official website with news, game information, and forums. Includes links to several fan sites and clans.


  • EQ Women - Site for female players of Everquest. Includes reviews, profiles of players, artwork and a message board.

  • EQ'Lizer - Source of EQ information including: equipment lists, zone maps and descriptions, and class guides.

  • EQVault - Includes news, articles, reviews, message boards, guidebook, and server scanner.

  • EverQuest II - Sony's official site, with overview, media, and FAQ.

  • Everquest II: The Age of Destiny - Large resource for Everquest II. Features news, concept art, message boards, screen shots and a library of tutorials.

  • Everquest Lore - Guides, quests, hints, maps, spells, bestiary, and race/class information. Designer devboard comments.

  • Everquest Newbie Zone - Help for new players of Everquest, with a FAQ, links, message boards and a chat room.

  • EverQuest (Official Site) - Sony's site, with game information, support, discussion, network status, and guidebook.

  • HackersQuest - An emulator for the EverQuest server, allowing people to run their own servers for the game, instead of using the official one.

  • Illia's Everquest Beastiary - Forum, FAQs, and detailed listing of creatures, NPC's and factions found in the world of Norrath.

  • The Neriak Library - The definitive resource for roleplayers of Tier'dal (Dark Elves) and other followers of Innoruuk in the world of Everquest.

  • The Norrathian Scrolls: A Study of EverQuest - An extensive survey and analysis of demographics, gender and age differences, game dynamics, and relationships.

  • PlanetEverQuest - A site for the community of Everquest with daily news, updates, screenshots, maps, equipment, quest information and more.



  • Jumpgate - Official site for United States server, with news, game features, databases of commodities, equipment, ships, pilots, squadrons, stations, and game statistics, forum, and server status.

Legend of Mir:

  • The Legend of MIR - Guide, images, links, game, guild and story.

  • Legend Of Mir - The Three Heroes - Story, beginners area, characters, magic, monsters, items, map and interface. Includes news, downloads, guide, gallery, forum, account, guild and support.

  • Legend of Mir Cheat - Item Editor - Contains an item editor.

  • Mir Tavern - Information on the game, guides, articles, adventures, downloads, gallery, maps, monsters, FAQs and news. Includes forum, contact details, chat and links.

Legends of Terris:


Meridian 59:


  • Official Neocron Site - Besides all the vital information you need about Neocron it's got a FAQ, several forums, movies and screenshots.

  • Low Profile - Information, art, stories and forums.

  • MassMOG: Neocron - Network site with news about Neocron.

  • Neo Net - All the latest breaking stories as they happen, live news right on the spot.

  • Neo Sites - A free hosting service for neocron fansites and clansites.

  • Neocron Central - News, game information, screens shots, mailing list, and chat.

  • Neocron InfoTerm - German fansite that's got news, game information, files, interviews, and forums.

  • Neocron Match - Fairly new site with up to the minute news and a player fiction section. Also contains the usual user guide, links and forums.

  • Neocron Online - News, articles, information and an IRC channel.

  • Neocron Writings - A guide to the writings about Necoron, ie fan fiction, columns, reviews, previews, etc.

Planet Side:

Project Entropia:

  • Project Entropia - Official site, with extensive game information, gallery, downloads, merchandise, forums and community section. Also called as the Infobooth.


  • GameFAQs: Ragnarok Online - Includes guides, lists, FAQs, player reviews, and message board.

  • Ragnarok HQ - Ragnarok fansite features: News, Forums, Art, Chat, Maps, Walkthroughs/Guides as well as a complete Item/Monster Database.

  • Ragnarok Online - Official site, containing downloads, story, characters, maps, FAQs, account management, forums, and news.

3rd World:

  • 3rd World - Official site, with news, artwork, game information, and polls.

  • 3rd World Central - Contains news, clans, and forum.

The Realm Online: 


  • Runescape - The official site of Runescape. A massive multi-player adventure, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win. You control your own character who will improve and become more powerful the more you play.


  • Crossroads of Shadowbane - All of the current and best news and information for Shadowbane.

  • NWGN Shadowbane - NuclearWinter Gaming Network member. News, screenshots, forums. Infrequent updates.

  • SB Vault - Community portal for Shadowbane. Features news and events, reviews, interviews, and message boards. Updated frequently.

  • Shadowbane - Official Website.

  • Shadowbane Legends - Includes news, FAQ, classes, disciplines, editorials, and guilds.

  • ShadowBane Realm - News, editorials, interviews, screenshots, and forums.

  • Shadowbane Stratics - Stratics Network member. News, polls, editorials, screenshots and forums for this developing title. Updated frequently.

  • Shadowbania - News, forums, fan works, and a large game glossary.

Star Wars Galaxies:


  • Subspace Headquarters - News, information, downloads, and resources.

  • General Game Support for Subspace - Lists some of the most common problems users may have with the game Subspace and gives solutions for them.

  • omg-wtf - Subspace news site, with commentary on other topics as well. Also has links to other Subspace related sites and message boards.

  • Shanky's Server Help - Provides help, FAQ, and guides for those wishing to run their own Subspace server as well as other Subspace resources.

  • Shiner's Subspace Photo Gallery - Photographs of Subspace players.

  • Subspace Mapping - A full array of resources for the map maker and those needing maps. Icludes complete maps, mapmaking programs, tile sets, graphics and sounds.

  • Subspace Scores - Search engine site for finding the scores of specific players, zone high scores, and squad member lists. Links to other Subspace sites.

  • Subspace Tech Support Central - Frequently asked questions and installation information.

  • Subspace.Nu - Provides links to all found Subspace sites, a large download section, help, support, news and forums.

  • Subspace's Dueling Arizona - An internet multi-player game Subspace zone, Dueling Arizona. Forums, frequently asked questions, and links.

  • Trench Wars - Player zone for the game Subspace. Contains forum, files, and scores.

The 4th Coming:

Ultima Online:

  • Origin - Ultima Online - The Official Ultima Online site. New-player guide and detailed game-play information. Events calendar, establishment information, game news and updates, downtime schedule, technical support, and interactive account management pages.

  • Ultima Online Stratics - Extensive game information and statistics compiled by players. Forums, skills advice, downloadable playguide, maps, dungeon information, and links to utilities and tools. 

  • Crossroads of Britannia - News, humor, polls, links, discussion board, chat, columns, and fonts.

  • GameSpot's Guide to Ultima Online - Beginner information on creating a character, using banks, developing skills, and third-party tools such as UO Trace, UO Monitor, and ICQ.

  • IanStorm - Ultima Online - Game related news and information, server status, discussion regarding upcoming updates, guides and screenshots.

  • Player Killer's Headquarters - Community of evil role-players. PK's can list their victims, forum boards for players, PvP tips, evil stories, bugs and cheats, thievery and powergaming.

  • Ultima Dragons - Large virtual club dedicated to discussing Ultima Online, and helping others in Ultima Online. Originally founded in 1992 on Prodigy.

  • Ultima Online Factions - Providing ICQ alerts to find other factions players and faction message boards.

  • Ultima Online Travelogues - Maps and interesting descriptions about the important and interesting places in Britannia and the Lost Lands, and a live UO Web Cam.

  • UO Anonymous - News, bug information, polls, forums, techniques, links and humor.

  • UO Powergamers - News, exploit information, strategy and skill essays, and forums.

  • UO Server Status - Provides server status of all Ultima Online servers. Details include uptime history and average uptime.

  • UO Vault - Community news, player-run events, editorials, and a house decorating essay.


  • Underlight - Official site by Lyra Studios, with news, features, manual, and forum.

World of Warcraft:

World War II Online:

WorldForge Project:

  • The WorldForge Project - Project homepage, with screenshots, FAQ, rules, and news. Includes sites for WorldForge clients, worlds, and servers.

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