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  • Arcade Village - Offers classic games with a high score board.

  • Axiom-Games.com - Contains an original snake-like game.

  • Biki's Palace Of Games - Play fun java games from your browser.

  • Bill's Games - A collection of Java and HTML games, from Solitaire to Hangman.

  • Burgsoft Java games - Here you find Java games which you can play online. Each game is available for license to other sites.

  • Centerscore - Free original Java games: Avalanche, Bugs, Icetris, and more.

  • Clebin Online - Clebin has Java games, spoof cartoons and news stories featuring the residents of fictional Clebin town.

  • Free On-Line Games - Offers games in the genres of classic, action, skill, casino and sports. There is no registration required.

  • FreeArcade.com - Over 90 java games online. No dead links. (all games are hosted on our server) More games being added every day.

  • FreeWebGames.com - Play original free online Java games right now in your browser with no plugins required.

  • Fun Spot - A collection of three java games: Blast 'Em, Cherry Picker, and Fireman Fireman.

  • GameKnot - GameKnot is a collection of Java-based online-games by Dmitri Akatov.

  • Gamer's Cafe - Where the Java games are hot.

  • Gary's Java Games - Features two original games written in Java.

  • Happy Pedestrian - A few Java games and a custom 3D engine.

  • HughesClan - Free Java and Online Games - Online games divided into categories such as action, strategy and sports

  • JARS Games Listings - Reviewed listings of Java games, sorted by category. Categories include arcade, boardgame, card, puzzles and sports.

  • Java is Fun - 2-Player and Single Player Java Games, Arcade Style, Puzzles and Action. Very Addicitive. By Derek Jones

  • Java on the Brain - Karl Hörnell's website on java including many playable games.

  • JavaCommerce Java Applet Games - Play these famous games online. Also has instructions to easily download them and place them on your site.

  • JavaGame - A collection of Java games, grouped by category.

  • JavaGamePlay.com - Browser-based Java games.

  • Javagames.org.uk - A collection of free Java games to play online with downloadable source code and zip files.

  • Javarotti Funware - Cool java games.

  • Jel Sert - Several Java based games related to food are available for play on this site.

  • Josejoa's Games - A few applet games partly in Spanish.

  • JS Games 2000 - Internet online games: Tetris clones, Puzzles, java games.

  • Karsten's Java Games - Original java games including Rush Hour, Nibbly & Ping Pong. Updated regularly.

  • Katy Games - Games include Peg, Falling Stars, Peg, and Tic Tac Toe.

  • KT Javaders - Javaders is a fast moving variation on space invaders. It has 5 levels, each with 5 sub-levels and an end-of-level super invader.

  • Leford Online Gaming Portal - Classic games using Java applets.

  • mnomn Online Games - Java Tetris, tRetris, Reversi, and a fractal program.

  • ModemMom's Java Games - Free Java games, Jungle Runner, Space Blaster, Tic Tac Toe, Word Search, Asteroid, Battleship, Blackjack, Breakout, Boggle, Tetris, Ping Pong to name a few.

  • Mr. Platfoot - 4-way scrolling platform applet game.

  • Netives.com - Online Java Games - Site providing several browser-based Java games for free.

  • phatgames.net - A collection of over 40 free games including multiplayer and community games.

  • Pimpernel Online Games - A wide collection of online Java games. Play the games (it's free!) or order your own game to attract more visitors to your site.

  • Play Java Games - Online collection of all kinds of Java games, with screen snapshots.

  • Play Online Free Games - Offers free Java games.

  • Play-Free-Games - Offers game with a sporting theme. No registration is required.

  • PlayLink - A free collection of Java based games ranging from board games, card games, arcade games, and multiplayer strategy games.

  • Plutonium Software - Collection of applet games by Plutonium Software.

  • QUARTER.WS - Offers original games that are hybrids of other classic games. No registration is required.

  • SAB's World - Original Java games from Steve Baker.

  • Scopie Games - Over 25 Java games from action to puzzles.

  • Scorched Earth 2000 - Java version of old classic game we all love and remember. Up to 8 players in multiplayer mode, single player mode with AI opponents. Java 1.1 compatible browser required.

  • Seven By One Stroke - Offers Java games from many genres.

  • Tiertex Products - Presents Pong based games including Paddle Puk and Get Fruity.

  • A Ton of Java Games - Hundreds of free and fun java games.

  • UTV Internets Free Gamezone - Offers 10 games including Adventure and Shamrocks.

  • War Games - Offers Tail Gunner, UFO Attack, Space Invaders, and Falling Stars.

  • Web Sailor Productions - An assortment of Java games including Tetris, Othello, and Mah Jongg.

  • WebCab UK - Free java games.

  • 4WebGames - Play java games from categories including action, arcade, cards, and puzzles, with classics like Space Invaders, Asteroids, and Yahtzee.

  • Wedran's Games Collection - 27 Free Java and JavaScript games to play Online: poker, basket, deadman, dugout, starwars, 4inrow, and others.

  • Wicked Moon Java Games - From arcade games to brainteasers, all Java games are rated and reviewed on this site with yellow ships, 5 is the best rating. You can also see which games are used with the mouse or keyboard and which ones have sound

  • William Maclean's Free Online Games - Offers 6 games including Breakout and Moon Landing.

  • Yaya - Single and multi-player games. These are Java and bleeding edge 3D and 2D games.

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