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Ghost Recon Resources

CGNC's Ghost Recon Resource Page is the best place to start looking for anything related to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. Besides the cheats and mods listed below, you will find links to such gaming goodies as maps, weapons, forums, online Ghost Recon leagues, and tournament ladders. Snipe away!

CGNC's Mod Directory


Go to the console window by pressing the enter key (the one grouped with the numbers next to the delete key) in the game and then enter one of the codes below. The same cheats will work on the add-on mission pack, Desert Siege, as well. 

  • superman for god mode

  • teamsuperman for team god mode

  • shadow for invisibility

  • teamshadow for team invisibility

  • autowin to win current mission

  • chickenrun for chicken grenades

  • ammo for infinite ammunition 

  • refill for all inventory items

List of Mods:

The mod links below will either take to you to a page focused on that mod or a page that lists several mods. 

Mod Name  Description
Phasers Mod v1.00 Weapons mod with a Star Trek theme
Saving Pilot Ryan v1.3 6 Desert Siege missions in Colombia
SpezNaz 1.0 New specialists and Russian weapons
Hooker's Dead Presidents SWAT versus bankrobbers
Transcendent Mission Mod Play all MP missions in SP mode
Sniper Missions Take out enemy snipers in 4 missions
BajaBravo's SabreTeams 5 new missions and over 30 custom weapons
G8 Special Forces 1.0 12 new weapons and 30 various uniforms
Canadian Operatives 1.0 Replaces soldiers with Canadian Forces
Holowarriors (DRAG V2.0) Helicopters (not much info)
Hooker's sniper patrol 4 new maps to practice sniping on
M3T Shootgun Mod Weapon mod
Swedish Force  Replaces soldiers with Swedish soldiers
Gangland Street gang themed mod
Riot in Belgrade Protect the Embassy in Belgrade
Gunslingers Realism New weapons
Special Ops New skins and weapons
Afghanistan Mod Crush the Taliban
Insomniax Specialist Multiplayer mod with a few female soldiers
SEALZ Sniper Mod New sniper rifle and MP soldier
Red Sky Mission Secure Russian Camp


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