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Directory: Game Review Sites

Click on one of the sites below to see what other people think about the games that have caught your interest. Since there are so many of these sites, CGNC has included a list of the Top 5 to save you some time.

Console Game Reviews

PC Game Reviews


1. All-Game Guide - Very clean site with a great search tool.

2. 3D Action Planet - Loaded with resources. You can find game reviews and even demo reviews here.

3. GameSpot - Simply one of the biggest and best game sites on the Internet.

4. Games Domain - Like GameSpot, one of the biggest and best game sites on the Internet.

5. Game Industry News - Niche site that, along with reviews, has a stock index for game-related stocks.


  • About.com: Video Games - Reviews, reader ratings, tips, and tricks.
  • The Adrenaline Vault - Popular online magazine that offers demo downloads, industry news, reviews, previews, articles, editorials, cheats, hints, strategy guides, interviews, and discussion forums about PC and console games.
  • All-Game Guide - Releases, previews, reviews, cheats, platform information and specifications.
  • All4Games - Screenshot galleries and review links for Playstation, PC, Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast games.
  • All-Reviews.com Videogames - Reviews of hundreds of video games for various gaming platforms.
  • Arctic Gaming - News, reviews and previews for all of the major consoles.
  • AreaGaming - Provides forums, reviews, previews and news for all formats.
  • Armchair Empire, The - Covering the console and PC gaming scene with reviews, previews, and interviews.
  • Ascully - PC Hardware reviews and general video game news.
  • Barshemm.com - Provides online PC gaming news and reviews.
  • BigKid games news & reviews - News and reviews focusing on Australian and New Zealand based users.
  • Computer and Video Games - Homepage of Computer and Videogames Magazine, providing the latest news, previews, reviews, features, tips and cheats for UK gamers.
  • CTgameinfo - News, reviews, and previews of games for console and computer systems.
  • 3D Action Planet - Includes news, interviews, demos, patches, forums, and links to gaming resources.
  • Digital Games - Opinions by Silicon Valley insiders. Columns on video and computer games, design, and the industry.
  • Electric Playground - News, reviews, previews, features, and downloads.
  • Fandom - Reviews, news, pictures, information, and links.
  • Final Level - Coverage of the major consoles, including previews of import titles.
  • Future Games Network - News and reviews. Network of affiliated game sites.
  • Game Industry News - Offers news, interviews, and reviews.
  • Game Informer Magazine Online - Updated daily with videogame news, reviews, previews, and codes.
  • Game Live Online - Magazine that covers all the aspects of video gaming. Free subscription.
  • Game Over Online Magazine - Contains news, reviews, and cheats.
  • Game Rankings - Catalogs of reviews.
  • Game Reviewers - Reviews of computer and playstation games. Also features downloads, demos, gaming news and contests.
  • Game Zero Magazine - Covers the latest news and reviews in PC computer and home console video games.
  • GameBlitz Online Games Magazine - Includes games only search engine across 400 sites, hundreds of reviews and cheats for latest computer and video games, free downloads, daily news updates, previews and interviews.
  • GameDaily - Updated daily with videogame news from the industry perspective.
  • Gamepage - Computer game reviews and news on all platforms.
  • GamePen - Best known for its Therapy section, reporting on Usenet gaming newsgroup threads. UGO member.
  • GamePro - Video Game reviews, cheats, strategies, previews and gaming Community.
  • Gamerforge.Net - Get to the point gaming news. - PC hardware news and reviews, as well as coverage of the major consoles.
  • Gamers Hell - Short reviews, news, screenshoots, and a weekly newsletter.
  • Gamer's Pulse - Includes reviews, previews, interviews, and demos.
  • Gamersnews - Computer gaming news from around the industry. Gaming cheats if you get stuck in a level and files so you can try before you buy.
  • Games Domain - Games, cheats, downloads, and reviews.
  • Games Domain (UK) - Includes game downloads, reviews, previews, FAQs and cheats.
  • Games Press - A very in-depth resource site for game journalists. Press releases, PR details and screenshots can be found here.
  • games xtreme - News, cheats, reviews, and previews.
  • Gamesmania - Online computer game magazine with articles, game reviews, demos and cheats. Content offered in English, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.
  • GameSpot - PC gamers will find reviews, features, game guides, downloadable game demos, and breaking news on all the latest PC games and gaming hardware on the market.
  • GameSpot UK - Unique resource for console gamers online who require the latest news, reviews, previews, hints and tips.
  • Gaming Age - Reviews, previews and news for Dreamcast, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Saturn and hardware.
  • Happy Puppy - Downloads, cheats, news, reviews, and prizes.
  • Hotgames.com - Reviews, downloads, news and reader reviews of all the latest and greatest games for PC, Nintendo 64 and Sony Playstation.
  • Inside Games - Includes video and computer game news, cheats, reviews, previews, and features.
  • Internet Top 100 Games List - A guide to the best games around. It is compiled from votes sent in by e-mail and ranked according to diffused average.
  • Madmonkey: Independent Game Network - Dedicated to independently created games. Includes downloads, developer forums, documentation, monthly columns, and resources.
  • Maktos.com - Multiplatform video game reviews, discussion board, links, downloads, Anime episodes, and a Learn Japanese column.
  • Metacritic Games - Offers a large library of reviews.
  • MicroGamers - New games, demos, game reviews, cheats, downloads, and free email address.
  • ModernEmpire.com - Offers news, reviews, and previews.
  • Monster.net - Monthly game reviews, free downloads, special features, and mIRC scripts.
  • Moxxi.com - Video game and entertainment e-zine with reviews, previews, codes, screenshots and news on all the latest and greatest games. Intended for mature audiences.
  • Multi-Console Gaming - Reviews, previews, cheats, walkthroughs, FAQs, game endings, contests, and news.
  • Netherworld Games - Amateur reviews written for the gamer.
  • NewsforGamers.com - Video game news for mature gamers.
  • NuclearWinter Gaming Network - Console and PC news, cheats, reviews, previews, articles, editorials and information.
  • Oddfarm - Features consumer reviews, screenshots, articles, and opinions.
  • Online Gaming - Coverage of PC based RPG, RTS and MMORP games.
  • Only-Games - Offers news, cheats, and reviews.
  • Opake - Contains information on games, hardware, reviews, articles, cheats, and online sales.
  • OptiGamer - Providing the latest in gaming and entertainment news, reviews, previews, cheats, and guides.
  • Ottawa Gamers Network - Information on LAN parties in the Ottawa area, as well as news and reviews.
  • PC Gamer UK - UK PC games magazine with reviews, tips, and downloads.
  • PC vs. Console - Reviews, previews, cheats, news, downloads, and contests.
  • PGZ - Reviews on various Pokemon and Gameboy games.
  • Phosphors magazine - Contains fairly old videogames in the review and tips and tricks section. Includes translations of Japanese instruction manuals to English.
  • PlayNOW! - Australian based gaming magazine. Includes reviews, previews, cheats, and a forum from australian editors.
  • Renegade Gaming - Contains articles, reviews, news, forums, and files. Covers computer and console gaming, as well as paintball.
  • Retrogaming Radio - News and reviews of classic videogames in Quicktime format.
  • ReviewCentre.com: Video Games - UK hosted UK product reviews contributed unfiltered by consumers. Rankings and "best" are based on consumer reviews.
  • ReviewFinder: Videogame Consoles and Console Games - Provides links to large numbers of other consumer review sources for products, and shopping links for purchase.
  • Robot Street Gang - News and reviews, as well as essays on gaming lifestyle and theory.
  • RobsGaming.com - Contains cheats, news, reviews and a user discussion forum.
  • RPG Warehouse - Information on released and forthcomin console and PC role-playing games.
  • Sexbuzz Games - Offers reviews of games such as Sim City 3000 Unlimited, Diablo II, and Grand Theft Auto II.
  • SiteReview.org - Post your own game review or gamesite review or read and vote on reviews by other players and web surfers.
  • SoftwareParade.com - Previews, demos, reviews of games and hardware, hints and cheats, and forums.
  • Spoony Inc. - Contains reviews of PC, Dreamcast, and Playstation games.
  • StrategyXtreme.com - News and information.
  • SuperPope - Game history. [Flash]
  • Thrull's Gaming Zone - Latest Game reviews and news. Top 10 games of all time. Game of the year award.
  • Total Video Games - Portal for console and PC game news and views, with active forums and a network of associated sites, based in the UK.
  • TotalWarfare.com - Includes news, tactics, and reviews on war and strategy games.
  • ToTheGame - Provides a round up of reviews, previews and gaming articles from around the Internet.
  • Ultra Gaming - News, editorials, interviews, rants, cheats, patches, message board, downloads, information, and maps.
  • Video Game Arena - Offers news, reviews, previews, and cheats
  • Video Game News - News, reviews, previews, articles and downloads.
  • Video Gamers First Network - News, contests, reviews, previews, and free hosting. Covers all systems and PCs.
  • Videogame Assault - Includes news, reviews and previews of N64, PlayStation, Dreamcast, Saturn and PC games.
  • Videogamefan.net - Codes, reviews, FAQs, editorials, previews, and news on all systems.
  • Videogamers Who Care - Reviews, guides, codes, glitches, and information for PC and console games.
  • Videogames.com - Offers news, reviews, previews, video trailers, hints, and cheats.
  • The Virtual Gaming Network - Site for gamers, by gamers. Contains reviews, news, chat, and links.
  • Virtual Urth - Allows users to submit their literature which is then reviewed, rated and posted on the site. VU editors also review popular online gaming and CD-ROM titles.
  • Xtreme Gaming Radio - Games, music, news and views.

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