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Game Ideas

Complete List of Game Ideas 

The Best Game Ideas

Have an idea for a great game? Want a new feature added to an existing game like a new level, item, weapon etc.? Have you ever wished for a certain type of game to be made, but did not have the resources or knowledge to make it yourself?

If so, lets hear it! Send all your ideas to gameideas@cgnc.com and we will review them for submission on this site. Some ideas may receive a few comments from our staff. The best ideas (based on our reviews) will be listed on their own special page. 

Keep in mind that this is a fun way of sharing your game ideas and CGNC makes no guarantees about whether they will ever be used or not. Usually, game developers and publishers (CGNC is not either one) prefer to have a programming team able to execute a idea than just an idea or concept for a game without any programming skills or an entire team to make the idea actually happen.  However, putting your ideas on this site increases their exposure and the likelihood of them being seen by someone who may be willing to develop them further. In addition, it is just fun to share ideas on what games you would like to see in the future or what you would improve in key games out now.

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