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Directory: Game Boy Advance Titles

Breath of Fire:

Castlevania - Circle of the Moon:

Deadly Alliance (Mortal Kombat):


  • GameSpot: Driven - [7.1/10] Reviewed by: Frank Provo. "The real fun of Driven is that it is so easy to play and yet so strategic in execution." Includes screen shots. 

Golden Sun:

  • Golden Sun  - Nintendo's official site. Includes screen shots, art work, developer information, video, audio, codes, game strategy, manual for download and FAQs.

GT Advance:

  • GameSpot: GT Advance Championship Racing - [7.3/10] Reviewed by: Amer Ajami. "It's really a shame that THQ opted to adopt a password feature...it has added a lot of hassle to what would otherwise be a very fun game." Also includes screen shots, hints, and reader reviews.

Harry Potter:

Jedi Power Battles:

Mega Man:

Namco Museum:

Super Mario Advance:

Tony Hawk:

  • Tony Hawk 2 GBA - Fan page with previews, news, downloads, and screenshots for the Game Boy Advance version.

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