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  • Abnormally Fun Flash Games - Free fun flash games featuring: Mah Jongg, Slots, Video Poker,and Stick Osama Bin Laden in the Eye With a Fork.
  • Absolutist Online Games - Offers free Flash games in the genres of shooter, classic, arcade, board games, card games and puzzles.
  • advertise-it.com.au Games - Games include 3D Crates, Pigeons, and Jail Factory.
  • Broadcastingmonkey - Flash animated games and cartoons. Put a free Flash game on your site.
  • Casino4fun - Free web based casino including roulette, slots and blackjack.
  • CircusX.com - Offers original Flash games such as Ultimate Dodgeball, Power Play and Super Splash.
  • Crocodile Games - A variety of Flash games including Tetris, Arkanoid, Battle Ships, Air hockey and Pac-man.
  • Flash Arcade - Play Flash games such as Flashteroids, Moon Lander, and Flash Invaders.
  • Flash Arcadia - A showcase of dynamic flash games. Registration required.
  • Flash Games - Features Flashteroids, Lemonade Stand, and Nuclear Power Plant. No registration is required.
  • Flashgamer - Contains various flash games.
  • FlashRadium Games - Free Fun Games, Puzzles and Entertainment.
  • FloppyG Interactive - Offers a variety of games and no registration is required. The source code for games is available on request.
  • Gameboard - Offers more than 100 games in the genres of action, casino, classic, sports, kids and trivia. No registration is required.
  • Lucy's Cafe Games - Offers games in the genres of puzzles, sports, action, adventure, parlour and games of skill.
  • MiniClip.com - Colorful games in a variety of genres. Games include Present Panic, Big Bird Hunting, Quick Pic, and Lickety Splat.
  • neodelight - Offers colorful games with no registration required.
  • New Grounds - Play interactive Flash content.
  • ToTheGames.com - Offers games such as free bingo, word games, and puzzles.
  • Truantduck.com Flash Games - Collection of original games.
  • UltimateArcade.com - There are plenty of games on this site with a focus towards the Flash game developer.
  • Unit9 Web games collection - Offers games that were developed for advertising campaigns for various companies.
  • Unravel the mystery of the Zen Hex - Flash based games and movies with other games and forums.
  • wannaplaygames.com - Includes 3 Flash games, Russian Roulette, Space Invade, and Birds.
  • Weasel Circus Entertainment - Collection of Flash games including: Bassteroids, Nasdaq Plunge, and Pac Weasel.
  • Webland Arcade - Offers 5 Flash games.
  • 3xw - Small collection of flash games.
  • Web Gaming Network - Free flash games, cartoons, jokes, and puzzles.

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