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Complete List of Game Ideas 

Send any game or game feature ideas to gameideas@cgnc.com. All submissions will be reviewed first by CGNC before posting to avoid vulgar or illegal content. The idea of this section is simply to have fun sharing ideas about what you would like to see in a game. 


Scary Game Ideas by Gerard Young 

SCARY GAME: Attack Of The Damned!

Resident Evil Spoof

Something nasty is happening in Hamster City, bizarre murders and disappearances are now common. Under public pressure the mayor, Kimberley Mikado, has called in the FBI to assist the HCPD. The FBI sends their best agents Andy Jackson, Gillian Christmas and Barry Drewmore to help, they soon discover a vital clue which leads them to the District Mountains. They conduct a birdís-eye-view search and find a decrepit old mansion. They land next to the mansion and get out to investigate when they see the helicopter pilot mauled and killed by three flesh-eating zombies. The zombies and several more come after the agents, they run into the mansion and barricade themselves in it starting a desperate fight for survival in the middle of nowhere.

NOISY CREEKS: Scary Game 2

Silent Hill Spoof

Gillian Christmas returns in this hilarious action-packed sequel. Two years ago, she was romantically involved with fellow agent Bobby Houston but soon he vanished without a trace. Now, she receives a letter from Bobby calling her to Noisy Creeks, a small seaside resort town that once held great meaning for the couple. When she arrives in the town, a dense fog covers all and she knows that something isnít quite right.

GREMLYNS: Scarye Gayme III <------(misspelled on purpose)

Onimusha Spoof

Gillian Christmas has been kidnapped! Andy Jackson and Barry Drewmore are on the case along with a private detective called Luxmore Rigby. A clue left behind brings them to a town in Alaska called Baked but they soon discover that the town is overrun with monsters. The agents soon meet Dark Strike and an evil sect who need Gillian as a human sacrifice to complete a 2,000-year-old ritual.


Create-A-Martial Artist by CGNC

Most of you know or have probably heard about create-a-wrestler (CAW), but what about a create-a-martial artist? Imagine assembling the likes of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Chuck Norris. Instead of wrestling moves, eack martial artist could be given a set move for a certain position, situation or even angle. For example, Bruce Lee would execute a lighting fast spinning kick after several furious punches and Jackie Chan could do some drunken fighting moves. Of course, the ability to create any martial artist would lead to some dream fights that will never happen in real life like Bruce Lee versus Jet Li, Bruce Lee versus Jackie Chan, Jet Li versus Jackie Chan, and Jean-Claude Van Damme versus Steven Seagal. 


A Truly Interactive Wrestling Game by CGNC

Not all of these wrestling game ideas are completely original (though a few might be) and some have been used in wrestling games in one form or another, but they have never been incorporated all in one game yet. 

  • A season mode where you are actually in control - Players should be allowed to assemble their own cards and pay- per- views (PPVs). All the results should be recorded with players having the option of being able to skip, participate, or just watch each match. That way you get to drive the direction of the entire league and make up your own storylines. That type of control would create huge replay value. 

  • Make your own moves - Wouldn't it be great make a CAW (Create-a-Wrestler) of any wrestler on the planet and be able to make the exact same move that he uses. For example, CAW makers are debating which finishing move to use for the WWE's Smackdown champion, Brock Lesnar. Since he has only been in the WWE a few months, his F5 (finishing move) is not in games yet. 

  • Input data that will form cut scenes - Ever watch a cut scene in a wrestling game that had little impact on the game? 

  • Lasting feuds that can intensify - Wrestlers who are feuding will have a better chance of interfering in each other's matches.

  • Injuries - Adds fuel to storylines and feuds.

  • Moderate blood - Should not be overdone like it was in the ECW game a few years back, but it makes sense to have blood with weapons being used.

  • The ability to form a separate league - Make your own invasion or attempt to have a WWF-WCW clash that is more effective than the real thing was.

  • Total modification of existing wrestlers - This may never be allowed in a WWE game for legal reasons, but it would be a great feature nonetheless.


Western MMORPG by CGNC

It looks like a major game company is finally going to produce a western action game again (Red Dead Revolver by Capcom), but the staff of CGNC would really like to play a western RPG or a western MMORPG. 

Take a western MMORPG for example. Players could walk around old western towns and have a choice of being an outlaw, bounty hunter, law man, or card sharp. Outlaws would make money by robbing banks, while bounty hunters would acquire gold for hunting down the outlaws and card sharps would make money at the card tables. Law men would try to keep order in town by taking down any offenders in town. 

For gunfights, there would be a showdown in the streets. Instead of working of sword abilities, players would work on drawing faster and aiming better. The higher level a character gets, the faster he or she can shoot. That way, some newbie with quick reflexes can not mow down all higher level players. Experience would be earned by winning showdowns with other players or outlaw non-player characters (NPCs). Weapons, of course, would be pistols, shotguns, and rifles with special variations of each for players to buy or win.


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