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Directory: Comprehensive Cheats

Console Cheats

PC Cheats

Top 3:

1. 123 Cheats - One of the biggest cheat libraries period with cheats for over 11,000 games.

2. CheatingPlanet - Member of the GameSpy Network. Tons of cheats.

3. Cheats Center - This site is rather small but it does not contain any ads.  


  • 123 Cheats - Hundreds of Thousands of cheats for PC and consoles such as Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Xbox and over 10 more.
  • AccessCheats.com - Cheats for the PC, GameCube, Xbox, N64, PlayStation , Dreamcast and Gameboy.
  • Captain Code v2.0 - Use a cheat search engine to search for cheats, trainers, walkthroughs, and gameshark codes.
  • Chapter Cheats - Cheats and hints for PC and all recent consoles. 
  • Cheat Alliance - Cheats for all the major systems and even Amiga, NeoGeo, and Lynx.
  • Cheat Area - Regularly updated cheats for the most popular consoles
  • Cheat Chaser - Covers 100s of titles across all major gaming platforms.
  • Cheat Happens - Cheats, codes, hints, and trainer info.
  • Cheat Heaven - Cheats for the PC, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, X-Box, Nintendo, PlayStation, Saturn, and Mac.
  • Cheat Index - Features PC, GameCube, Xbox, N64, PlayStation 2  games. 
  • Cheat Ogre - Features cheats for the PS2, Xbox, GameCube, N64, Sega Genesis, and Sega Saturn platforms.
  • Cheat Planet - Cheat Codes for PlayStation, Dreamcast, Nintendo, and PC.
  • Cheat Today - Regularly updated cheat site. 
  • CheatCodes.com - Provides  cheat codes, FAQs, strategy guides, walkthroughs, and GameShark codes, for PCs and Sony PlayStation, PS2, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, and Xbox game consoles.
  • Cheater's Guild - Contains cheats for multiple games, sorted by platform.
  • Cheating Dome - Daily cheat codes for over 20 gaming systems.
  • CheatingPlanet - A plethora of cheats in a clean format. 
  • The Cheatman Network - Offering free hosting and many cheats, reviews and release dates. Covers Xbox, Game Cube, PlayStation 2, DreamCast, Nintendo 64 and PC.
  • Cheatmasters - Massive updated cheats library with a long list of gaming affiliates.
  • Cheatportal.com - Comprehensive cheat serving all platforms.
  • Cheats Center - Contains cheats for all the major gaming platforms and info on various cheat programs.
  • Cheats Network - Includes cheats for computer games and many console platforms including X-Box and Game Cube.
  • CheatSearch.com - Game help for 3DO, Atari, Commodore, Mac, Nintendo, PC, Sega, Sony and a bunch more
  • Classic Cheats - A collection of cheats, hints, and passwords for most game formats including PC, PlayStation, N64, Dreamcast, Saturn, Game Boy, Drive Mega and SNES.
  • Explosion Net - Cheats and DexDrive saves for many systems. Also has an emulation section and free email.
  • Game Fanatic Cheats - Lots of video game cheats for 53 game systems, since 1995. Add a cheats search engine to your web site.
  • Game Skanker - Thousands of cheats for all the top gaming platforms.
  • The Game Web - Gaming search engine with a cheat archive.
  • Game Winners - Offers codes for numerous platforms and updated daily.
  • GameGenie - Feature-rich site with an enormous cheat section.
  • GameSages - Codes, FAQs, tips and tricks, guides, GameShark and GameGenie codes, game saves, news, and message boards.
  • GameZone Online - Cheats, demos, reviews and general news about games for the PC and most major consoles.
  • HighCheats - Game cheats for PC, PlayStation and PlayStation 2.
  • Level 80 - Computer game cheats, hints, tips for the PC, Playstation, Playstation 2, N64, X-box, SNES, Sega Saturn, Gameboy, Gamecube and Dreamcast.
  • Planet Silicon - Large selection of cheats for the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo, Dreamcast, X-Box, Gamecube, and Game Boy.
  • Purecheats - Containing cheats, codes, and saved games.
  • Super Cheats - Massive cheat code collection for PlayStation, Gameboy, PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, Gameboy Advance, XBox, Nintendo 64 and PC systems.
  • Video Game Cheats and Strategies - Portal to cheats, codes, FAQs, and guides for over 15,000 games on dozens of platforms. From About.com.
  • Xcheater - Cheats from various platforms. 

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