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About Us

Cyber Games Network Central (CGNC) is THE Portal For Cyber Gamers! CGNC.com has its own simplified directory of video games, where various categories are laid out for gamers' ease of navigation. Simply put, this gaming directory was constructed to fulfill the gaming needs of nearly every single gamer. Whether it be free games, reviews, cheats, or info on several different gaming areas such as MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), MUDs (Multi User Dungeons), Mods (Modifications), Palm Games, PC Games, Pocket PC Games, Xbox Games, PS2 Games, Game Cube Games, Game Boy Games, and WAP Games, CGNC offers a directory full of resources on it. To contact the Webmaster of this site for any reason, please send email to webmaster@cgnc.com.

Note About DMOZ Content:

Although a large portion of CGNC's directory was initially compiled using modified content from Netscape's Open Directory Project (DMOZ.org) under the terms of its Open Directory License, this site is in no way associated with DMOZ or Netscape. As such, editing (the adding or removal of links) on this site will be performed solely by CGNC.com. Furthermore, there will be listings and content on this site that is in no way associated with DMOZ or Netscape.

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